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Our clients are more like family.
  • Mark P. Fisher

    President and Head Innovation Coach
    “MJS is one of a kind. If he takes on your project – he will bite firmly into it with the tenacity of a tiger. Getting and keeping guests is his specialty. You’ll learn quickly to trust his sales intuition. But be warned, you’ll need to hold on for dear life as he takes you on a wild creative ride.”
  • Mark Caldwell

    Executive Director
    Dickson Valley Camps and Retreats
    “Flashpoint Theory has helped reveal something outside of our self dug rut, the one that we didn't even know we were in. After 20 years of trying the same ways to tell our story, we had reached a creative level that we could not see past. Michael John Stanley's fresh view and creative process pushed us past the stale things we had been trying for so long and set us apart with unique and compelling media. We are very pleased with how he has told the Dickson Valley story through pictures and video, and are now proud of our image displayed through the web site and print materials. And I do mean it."
  • Aaron Ziebarth

    Executive Director
    Joy El Ministries - PA
    "Michael John quickly connected with our team to learn the heart-beat of our ministry. He brought energy and excitement as he strategized with us on how we can more effectively brand our ministry through updating our mission statement and program descriptions. He has an intuitive sense of effective marketing. He is the horse-whisperer of marketing!


We are not a consulting company. We are not interested in coming in, pointing out what you need to do different, collecting a check, and then moving onto another client. Why? Because we don’t think that is what works in this new constantly changing, never consistent environment. We believe that a long term “marketing discipleship” relationship is necessary in order to establish and maintain “The Three Pillars” properly, and keep them planted on the foundation of belief in your mission. Together, we will creatively find innovative ways to overcome challenges, and continue to move forward.

Recent Posts

May 11, 2018
6 Tips for Capturing Video Story's...

Using video stories to fuel your marketing engine is a great way to energize yourself, your staff, and most of all convert new potential fans into life long ministry partners. The following are six tips I picked up along the way specific to finding and capturing a good video story. TIP #1 - START WITH […]

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January 29, 2018
Camp Connection

What we do: The “Camp” Perspective... Great camps are excellent at one thing, and that is being a great camp! In my experience however, most don’t seem to be “great” at selling themselves. Likely because it’s almost impossible to really sell yourself without coming across arrogant. When I was musician, the hardest thing for me […]

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December 14, 2017
NEW Virtual Tours!

Flashpoint Theory hits big at the National CCCA Conference with their all new virtual tour specifically designed for christian camps. When asked how the Virtual Tour works, Michael John Stanley, President of Flashpoint Theory C.M.S. had this to say... "It's by invite only and to be used as a sales tool that I personally walk […]

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The mission of Flashpoint Theory Creative Marketing Solutions is to establish long term partnerships we call "Marketing Discipleship" with faith based camps, christian camps and conference centers, churches and schools, who believe in their mission, and want to explore creative ways to expand their reach.
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