“Imagination without wisdom, is a cruel task master”. – William Paul Young – “The Shack”

When we truly believe in something, it becomes all too easy to follow our emotions and run full steam ahead, making hasty decisions that we eventually come to regret, and that could lead to our downfall. We therefore developed something we call “The Three Pillars” that we use to simplify the more commonly used business world nomenclature of “branding”, “”marketing” and “sales”.

Pillar One – Personality – Having an impressive first impression is crucial, whether it is the name of your company, logo, web-site, a direct mail piece or radio / TV add, your first impression is what people will remember and make them either want to interact with you or not.

Pillar Two – Connections – Once you develop a great first impression, it’s important to implement strategies that efficiently connect your personality and mission, with people who have the potential to become your true fans.

Pillar Three – Conversion – If the first two pillars are functioning properly, the process of converting potential fans into true fans should not be difficult. Keeping the process simple and having the right value to price ratio’s are key in order to ensure this process is fast and clean.

When all three of these pillars are functioning properly and are planted firmly on the platform of belief in your mission, your flashpoint will ignite, and launch you into the stratosphere!


  • “MJS is one of a kind. If he takes on your project – he will bite firmly into it with the tenacity of a tiger. Getting and keeping guests is his specialty. You’ll learn quickly to trust his sales intuition. But be warned, you’ll need to hold on for dear life as he takes you on a wild creative ride.”Mark P. Fisher,
    President and Head Innovation Coach,
    Sandy Cove Ministries – MD
  • “Just one meeting with Michael John left us with 3 pages of notes of things we never thought of before, and marketing strategies that worked so well, we didn’t even get to them all!”JD and Judy Willits, Founders
    Pike Creek Psychological Center DE
  • “I appreciate Micheal John’s ability to listen and embrace an idea and run with it. Micheal John has an amazing talent to sell. We have a brand new internship program that is really hard to explain. Michael John was able to use SEO and produce a video that ended up leading half of this year’s participants to choose our program.”Stephen Weaver,
    Co-Founder / Director
    The Converge Leadership Journey – MD
  • “Flashpoint Theory has helped reveal something outside of our self dug rut, the one that we didn't even know we were in. After 20 years of trying the same ways to tell our story, we had reached a creative level that we could not see past. Michael John Stanley's fresh view and creative process pushed us past the stale things we had been trying for so long and set us apart with unique and compelling media. We are very pleased with how he has told the Dickson Valley story through pictures and video, and are now proud of our image displayed through the web site and print materials.    And I do mean it."Mark Caldwell,
    Executive Director
    Dickson Valley Camps and Retreats
  • "Michael John quickly connected with our team to learn the heart-beat of our ministry. He brought energy and excitement as he strategized with us on how we can more effectively brand our ministry through updating our mission statement and program descriptions. He has an intuitive sense of effective marketing. He is the horse-whisperer of marketing! Aaron Ziebarth,
    Executive Director
    Joy El Ministries - PA