About "Marketing Discipleship" for Faith Based Schools...

Faith Based Schools

#1 – Fundraising and Development


Effectively communicating the needs, finding and capturing compelling stories of mission accomplished, and painting an even brighter future with the help of outside donations, is something that cuts to the core of who we are! The best part about working with missional organizations is finding and capturing those stories that move people, and then distilling them down into tangible vehicles for sharing, like printed materials, direct mail pieces, newspaper / magazine articles, videos, social media posts, blogs, and web-sites. This kind of work not only challenges us creatively, but also gives us a chance to partner with you in your schools mission of helping to equip the next generation…and that is where we find the biggest reward!

Above is a testimonial video sample of one way we can effectively help you tell your schools story through the voice of those experiencing your mission first hand. This particular video was designed as a Development piece to help generate donations for one of Sandy Cove Ministries programs called “Operation Oasis”, which helps military families reconnect after a recent deployment.

#2 – Enrollment


Helping you effectively communicate the personality of your school through your printed materials, direct mail pieces, banners and signs, web-site design, video, and social media is essential in building a foundation for effective connection with new families looking for private faith based education. Once this foundation is built, helping people find your school is the next step to increasing your enrollment.

Viral / Word of Mouth tools – One of our specialties, is finding and capturing stories of your schools mission being accomplished, in hopes of giving your students and families compelling stories to share throughout the community. Word of mouth is usually the number one way people will first hear about your school, making it ever so important, to help your school families be able to easily share what makes your school so special. Sharing these stories through things like newsletters, videos, web-site, and social media outlets, are all ways to infuse these stories into your school community to use as viral sharing tools.

Cold Market Tools – With all the above foundational tools in place, we can then help new families looking for private faith based schools in your community, find you through several ways:

• SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) – Helping people find you organically online through keyword search terms is currently the #1 way to connect with new potential fans who have no idea who you are. A web-site that is optimized properly will come up in search engines like google for search terms that we can target for you. For example: Let say a family just move to Redlands from out of state. They had they’re jr. high school daughter in public school where they came from, but for personal reasons they are not fans of the public school system in Redlands. So the mom gets on line and types into google “private schools in Redlands”. We can optimize your schools web-site to come up on the first page in this search term, even if your school is not in Redlands but nearby allowing this particular mom to find your web-site, and be introduced to your school as an option for her daughter! The SEO experts on our team are among the best in the nation, and although this is tricky and time consuming work, we will do our best to produce the results you need to accomplish your mission by increasing your enrollments!

• PPC – (Pay Per Click Advertising) – This is basically the same thing as SEO except its not organic. This is where you bid on add placement and it comes up in the pink area on most search engines. Running a PPC campaign can be very effective if you don’t have time to wait for organic (SEO) results which can take up to 90 days or more since its basically immediate. You place a bid amount to have your web-site or add placed for specified search terms, and then every time someone clicks on your add, you get charged that amount. This could be a great thing to help drive enrollments during the times of the year when people are searching these terms the most. Usually you will spend .25 to a 1.00 per click, although we have had clients where the bid got as high as $18 per click!

• Facebook Ads - This is a relatively new concept that functions much like a PPC campaign in that you will pay for every click, except, since its through Facebook, you have access to an incredible amount of targeting tools. This means that you can narrow down your target demographics to be extremely precise and focused on age, gender, location and interests, or you can cast the net really wide and go for more general public ads with everything in between. This is a great tool to use in a variety of ways and something that can really help you generate some immediate results for a low cost and decent ROI.

• Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and youtube are all great tools and a must for engaging your fan base and keeping the latest stories in front of them. They help keep your school community in touch throughout the week, up to speed on needs and celebrations, and a great way to ask for things like immediate prayer. Using these tools effectively will help almost every aspect of the internal growth of your school community, as well as outreach for new enrollments.

• Radio / TV – Our creative team has expertise in both of these major media vehicles with a proven track record in copy writing and video. When you’re ready to take on this level of story telling, we will look at more big picture planning and strategic initiatives in order to create a long view plan that makes sense. Usually, its not effective to just “do a little” Radio / TV if you want a measurable ROI. This is one of those things that you have to either go big on, or stay home, due to the financial risk involved. However, with the right copy, the right story, and a solid plan, this can be extremely effective and FUN!

We would be honored to help your school accomplish its mission while raising more funds through effective fundraising and development campaigns, and increasing your enrollments through the talents of our creative team. We realize that every church and surrounding community is different, and that budget is of utmost concern. We therefore highly recommend a face to face meeting in order to get to know each other, asses the needs, and together come up with a plan that makes sense for everyone involved!

Below is the title and synopsis of an upcoming seminar that Michael John Stanley will be presenting at the San Bernardino (Inland Empire) Diocese Fiscal Management Conference March 1st, 2012 specifically targeting churches and schools. If you would like the note from this presentation please feel free request by email.


Presenter: Michael John Stanley - President - Flashpoint Theory Creative Marketing Solutions

First impressions are critical in the marketplace of today's fast moving google generation. Stats say you have "8 seconds or less" to make people care enough to give you more time. In this seminar we will explore case studies, and use practical examples of how to help the personality (or brand) of your school or parish become compelling enough to capture your target audience in "8 seconds or less"; Resulting in more registrations, and higher attendance.