Camp Connection

What we do:

The “Camp” Perspective...

Great camps are excellent at one thing, and that is being a great camp! In my experience however, most don’t seem to be “great” at selling themselves. Likely because it’s almost impossible to really sell yourself without coming across arrogant.
When I was musician, the hardest thing for me to do was to attempt to tell people what uniqueness I could bring to them without sounding full of myself. The only way to completely solve this dilemma was to have third party booking agents, and reputable industry people that completely believed in me. When they raved, it came across perfectly and totally worked!

The “Group Leader” Perspective...

A great group leader, usually isn’t really a group leader, they are Pastors and Volunteers that are desperately trying to reach those around them. They are deeply convinced that the value of camp will bring huge dividends to the work they want to accomplish in their community. The problem is, they are extremely busy, and don't have a lot of time to dedicate to researching and finding a camp that fits their needs.

The “Camp Connection” Solution...

Think of us as a booking agent. The "Camps" are the talent, and the "Group Leaders" are the Promoters. The Camps are working very hard to be the best camp they can be, and don't have a lot of time or desire to have to go out and find gigs. The Group Leaders are extremely busy Pastoring and Volunteering and need to find great talent, for the right price, as quickly as possible, and be able to rest knowing that the talent they book will meet and exceed their expectations.

Enter…Camp Connection!

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