"Marketing Discipleship" for Camps...

Camps and Conference Centers

A 4D Understanding…


Michael John Stanley, President and Founder of Flashpoint Theory C.M.S., has been heavily involved in Christian and Faith Based Camp and Conference Ministry since the early 1990’s. As a professional musician and speaker, MJS has been contracted to perform at multiple camps and conference centers all over the United States including a few International bookings. This direct relationship with the camp audience, combined with being a personal consumer of camp ministry and holding several sales and marketing leadership positions at a few of the largest conference centers in America, adds an expert 4D perspective to understanding what makes this audience tick!

No room for error…


The term “slush fund” pretty much went out the window in 2008 when the economy came to a screeching halt. There just isn’t any room to experiment any more with crazy marketing ideas that may or may not work. What camps and conference centers need now, are crazy marketing ideas that have already been proven to work! That’s where the 4D understanding of the Christian Camp and Conference audience combined with thee highest levels of creativity and experience really makes Flashpoint Theory a total no brainer choice for “marketing discipleship”.

We realize you are unique…


One of the biggest mistakes we think we could make in helping you connect and convert new potential fans is to assume that you and your current fans are just like every other camp out there. WRONG! The most important thing to us, and the main reason we call our relationship with you “marketing discipleship”, is we want to help you uncover your unique personality as it intertwines with your mission and simultaneously capture stories of mission accomplished to use as fuel in your marketing engines! We believe that although there may be some simularities, every camp has its own unique culture, facilities and programs and therefore should appeal uniquely to the societal culture that they live in.

Below are (3) Title / Synopsis of seminars that Michael John will be teaching at the Sierra Pacific Christian Camping and Conference Association’s Sectional Meeting at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center in Santa Cruz, CA.


Michael John Stanley, Flashpoint Theory Creative Marketing Solutions

For many, marketing in this economy is a hill too steep to climb, but with the right fuel in your engine and raw determination, "I THINK (YOU) CAN"! Real fuel doesn't come from our services or special offers, it comes from stories of "mission accomplished" cultivated and grown in a unique culture we call, "Christian Camping." We'll examine several case studies of others who have used stories to fuel their marketing engine, look at practical ways to convert your own stories into fuel, and create an action plan to use that fuel to take the hill!



(Panel Process Seminar)

Bill Walton, Mission Springs; John Hamilton, Camp Alta; Michael John Stanley, Flashpoint Theory Creative Marketing Solutions; Facilitated by: Murphy Felton, Mount Hermon
A panel of experts will address marketing issues that are keeping you awake at night. Bring your pressing issues from conceptual to practical and let this panel of experts provide ideas and answers.



Dan Dawson, Josh Bootz, Murphy Felton, Josh Edwards, Adam Schultz, Michael John Stanley, Flashpoint Theory Creative Marketing Solutions

Strengthen your social network with help from the Mount Hermon "Geek Squad." Our job as marketers is to take our message to where the people are. This is a hands-on seminar with opportunities to do just that and to further develop and refine your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube tagging, 4Square, Yelp, Animoto, Flickr, Vimeo and SmugMug accounts.This seminar is limited theory and more practical evaluation and application. (NOTE: Participants should bring their own laptop.)

(MJS also has an article called “Converting Video Stories into Marketing Fuel” currently in final revisions for CCCAs “Marketing Plan in a Box” and In-Site Magazine.)