NEW Virtual Tours!

Flashpoint Theory hits big at the National CCCA Conference with their all new virtual tour specifically designed for christian camps.

When asked how the Virtual Tour works, Michael John Stanley, President of Flashpoint Theory C.M.S. had this to say...

"It's by invite only and to be used as a sales tool that I personally walk people through while I am on the phone with them. (I do not email it until I have them on the phone with me) It's not avail to public use as this would likely confuse people since (due to human nature) they would only watch the first few seconds of each video and then call with questions. (We already have plenty of those type of video's on our site) We designed this to take the place of an actual live tour, except this can be done in 30 minutes instead of wiping out someones entire day.

Once I walk them through, then they know what is in the tour and will be equipped to present it to the other decision makers who are involved.

Note: Once you expand the tour full screen you will have to manually set the screen playback resolution to 720HD (or 480p depending on your internet speed) by using the little gear in the lower right hand section of the YouTube window. We are still working out a better solution to this problem without having to imbed the videos. We are not sure yet as to why YouTube wont automatically adjust once you hit the full screen function.

Eventually we will have them all on Vimeo, but the Tour has already been a huge help in bringing group leaders to a buying decision, while they are still in a decision making process. You could call it, "striking while it's hot!".

Download an interactive example of our tour here.