The Team

Michael John Stanley

President / Founder

A true innovator in sales and marketing, Michael John started his own successful lawn and car care business at 12 years old! To date, his experience ranges from working with some of the largest Christian Conference Centers in the country (Arrowhead Springs, Forest Home, and Sandy Cove) to running his own National Non-Profit music ministry. His new venture, Flashpoint Theory Creative Marketing Solutions, is off to an incredible start, proving to meet the needs of desperate ministry and business owners who are looking for something real, and different, that actually works!

Alan Brown

Production Manager

A creative and passionate technologist that effortlessly develops plain concepts into high impact imagery, Alan is an expert in the full production workflow and a master FX artist. He showcases over ten years of experience producing a wide range of multimedia for video, print, web and in-flight, and brings to the table that creative, out of the box push, that we sometimes just cant live without!

Amy Sweetman

Graphic Design Specialist

Amy is one of those high energy, wheels always turning creative types! She speaks her own language, marches to the beat of her own drum, and has a great eye for cool and simple designs. Some of her accomplishments include graduating with a B.A. in Design degree as well as a double major B.S. degree in Exercise Biology from U.C. Davis. She has designed 2 logo's for Flashpoint Theory so far, Dickson Valley and Pine Summit.

Samantha Groome

Executive Assistant

After spending 6 years as a licensed hair stylist, landing a BA in Psychology, and even Life Guarding! Samantha decided to hang it all up for the good life...a stay at home wife and mommy! Her husband Jonathan, son Josiah, unknown child (she has one on the way!) and the Flashpoint Theory Team, all appreciate Samantha's ability to organize and compile tons of details and data down to one easy bite size chunk...right from the comforts of her own home!

Isaac Perez

Website Developer and SEO Specialist

Isaac is a natural at coming up with creative and clean graphic designs for websites that capture the essence of who you are and are easy to navigate. His real talent however, is his ability and expertise in transforming your website from a strictly reactive marketing tool, to a proactive marketing machine!

Brian Tippit

Graphic Design Specialist

Working with Brian is like putting all of your ideas into a miracle blendor and turning it on high! What comes out is usually completely different that what you were thinking, but so much better! He started out drawing cartoons and designing for friends and family at a very early age. Brian’s unique style and creativity is crucial to our development in designing marketing pieces that actually work!

Scott Klingberg

Programming and Systems Expert

Scott has been working in Christian camps and conference centers for over 25 years where he personally developed custom database software that vastly improved organizational systems and operations. These custom systems not only yielded a significant initial cost savings, but proved to give back through a significant reduction in man hours as well as established a user friendly system that met the specific needs of each organization. If you need a great custom system, you’ll not only love Scott for who he is, but you will get a system that will more than pay for itself in many ways!