Pondo - Asia's Story

This video was made for Ponderosa Pines Christian Camp (Pondo) in Running Springs, CA and was built to encourage parents to send their kids to camp, inspire kids to want to come to camp, and force donors to want to give in order to further the Pondo mission!

Terry and Nancy Clark

Terry and Nancy Clark are extremely gifted in their ability to lead people into very intimate worship. This video was made in an effort to capture their approach and view, and will invite you into their world and help you understand how they see it from their perspective. The purpose of the video will be to familiarize people with who they are both via their website and as an "upcoming" video promo before they come to town.

The music audio track was recorded live many years ago. We were able to capture some footage from a recent sound check and Easter service at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar CA, and blend that together in order to give the appearance that the music and footage was captured at the same time.

Friday Night Lights! This video was created for our Catholic High School client in Riverside, Notre Dame High School. As a small school (500 students), Notre Dame has to fight extra hard to be competitive. This video captures that fighting spirit through the eyes of the head coach and several players. We especially love Notre Dame's commitment to teaching the players that its not all about football, and that there are other things like God, character and grades that have to be taken seriously!
Outdoor Fun!

This video is part of a "ground up" campaign for one of The Salvation Army's new camps called Pine Summit located in Big Bear Lake, CA. This video is one of three video's on the homepage of their brand new website that highlights the outdoor fun portion of their mission statement. Is it accompanied by two other Flashpoint Theory video's, "Life Change" and "Excellent Hospitality". We love his video for the the way it contrasts between how serene and action. Its just a fun video! :-) Flashpoint Theory is also responsible for Pine Summit's new mission statement, logo, website, photography, and all content writing on their new website at
The Difference is You

We produced this video as a development tool to help raise donations for Sandy Cove's "Operation Oasis" in Maryland. This program is designed to help military families reconnect after a recent deployment at "NO" cost! This video is meant to be a simple testimonial from one family who's lives have been affected by this program. Most of the effort in producing this video was done in the interview process, and is a great case study of how important it is to build relationship with those being interviewed.

The video has proven to be very effective has been very effective in telling this story and has been used repeatedly on the Sandy Cove Web-site as well as an introduction / set-up tool for personal appearance announcements regarding the program.
Raising up the next Generation

Our first client, Joy El Ministries, hired us to do a complete makeover of their mission, logo, web-site and overall personality. We therefore came up with two separate personalities that needed separate identities, logo's, names and web-sites in order to restore clarity. Thus, "Joy El Camps and Retreats" and "Joy El Generation"was born.

This video was designed as an overview video for the all new "Joy El Generation" web-site, and has proven to tell the "Joy El Generation" story perfectly!
The Marsh...

The Marsh is a summer time, day only camp that operates for 10 weeks at Sandy Cove in North East, MD. Since the audience for this day camp is a local residential audience, its totally separate from Sandy Cove's more transient overnight guest audience. We produced this video as "The Marsh's" autonomous and first ever major marketing piece to use on their home page.

Note: We also came up with the now infamous and registration driving tag line... "Toad-ally awesome day camp!" exclusively (and only) for the "The Marsh"!

This video was produced as a landing / homepage video for a marketing concept we came with for JOY EL Camps and Retreats in Pennsylvania. The program offers any group that books within a 250 mile radius, "FREE" Round-trip transportation to and from their church.

This was accompanied by a 8,000 6.5X11 post card (which we also designed - see Gallery) that was mailed 2X to a radius of 175 miles.

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