The Art of using video stories as marketing fuel

According to a recent report by ComScore, the average length we watch a video online is now up to 4.4 minutes essentially making video content on your website the cornerstone for successful conversion.

Together we will explore a systematic approach to capturing video stories for this very purpose as we actually do it for real right in class!
Download a PDF of the keynote here.

Additional Keynotes

  • "I attended the CCCA Ohio/ Indiana Super Sectional where Michael John Stanley spoke in a few seminars. I was wondering if I could get the information he taught in his first seminar. I am a videographer with Camp Carl and I have a passion for storytelling. A few of the other conference attendees were commenting positively about his seminar and I'd like to have the content he covered. Thank you for your help!!"
    Megan Warner
    Camp Carl, OH
  • "Michael John Stanely and the Flash Point Theory team provide you with very practical ways to successfully market your business and equip you with the ability to close a sale. Michael John is a great communicator who presents in an engaging way that is relatable to his audience. Michael John and his team are experts in designing mission statements, Organic SEO, Sales, and providing resources to make you succeed in filling your booking calendar."
    Daniel DeForge
    Bair Lake Bible Camp, MI
  • “Michael John was great to work with as he facilitated our team’s discussion of our uniqueness factor and redraft our mission statement. He helped us to see things about our camp that we weren’t seeing on our own, and confirmed some of our self-assessments. We also found his sales strategies to be spot-on and extremely helpful!”

    Drew Gardner
    Executive Director, Bair Lake, MI
  • “From both of the sessions I attended, I learned so much. I knew that when you type certain things into google, it does a search in regards to what you’re seeking, but I didn’t know anything beyond that. Understanding organic SEO shed so much light on how to format our website and social media in ways that would maximize our influence. It made so much sense to me that people are searching for uniqueness and a captivating story. It helped me to understand that we need to create a soft place for people to land as our foundation to truly leverage organic SEO. The biggest practical take away that I can put into place immediately is that our website is there to inspire conversation and not sell our organization. I’m excited to move forward and utilize about 95% of the tools that were presented in those sessions!"
    Angela Reece
    Camp Chautauqua, Miamisburg, OH
  • “Michael John Stanley expertly explores the intricacies of marketing. With experienced ideas on what to do each step of the way, from photography and branding to attracting guests to formatting websites. He’s a wealth of knowledge!”
    Deanna Beckner
    Director of Guest Services, Camp Mack, IN Marketing Agencies
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