The theory behind Flashpoint Theory

We believe your mission and story creates a platform for three essential pillars...
Pillar One
Having an impressive first impression is crucial. Whether it is the name of your company, logo, website, video, a direct mail piece, or radio / TV ad, your first impression is what people will remember and make them either want to interact with you or not. This is especially crucial in order to create a soft place for people to land from your Digital Marketing Campaign efforts.
Pillar Two
Once you develop a great first impression, it’s important to implement strategies that efficiently connect your personality and story with people who have the potential to become your true fans. Digital Marketing, especially organic search engine optimization (SEO), are by far the most efficient ways to create new connections.
Pillar Three
If the first two pillars are functioning properly, the process of converting potential fans into true life long fans should not be difficult. Keeping the sales process simple with excellent customer service and having the right value to price ratios are key in order to ensure successful conversion.
Once these pillars are planted firmly on the platform of your story, your flashpoint will ignite, and launch you into the stratosphere!

Search Engine Optimization

Sure we can build you an incredible website complete with eloquent missional language, engaging videos, and beautiful photography; but what's the point if no one can find it! When we build you a website we always weave organic SEO right into the fabric and DNA of your C.M.S. platform.
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Mark P. Fisher

President and Head Innovation Coach
“MJS is one of a kind. If he takes on your project – he will bite firmly into it with the tenacity of a tiger. Getting and keeping guests is his specialty. You’ll learn quickly to trust his sales intuition. But be warned, you’ll need to hold on for dear life as he takes you on a wild creative ride.”

Video Storytelling

Placing a story driven, third party testimonial video on the homepage of any website is crucial in order to help keep new potential fans on your site long enough to engage them, and allow them to have an intimate encounter with your mission.
"Help us, help you, tell your story!"
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